Split Decision 8 (SD8) coordinated with Change Makers United, Inc. (CMU) to celebrate their 10 year anniversary, by celebrating the life of Nicolas V. Burroughs. Sequel Life Fitness, Infinite Lotus, Journey Fitness, Bertho Boxing, Arbonne, Body by Bakari, and C4 Boxing have joined forces to instruct a wellness Bootcamp. CMU's Wellness Bootcamp will serve as a means to raise funds for the Nicholas V. Burroughs Memorial Scholarship and promote holistic wellness.

The Nicholas V. Burroughs Memorial Scholarship will be awarded to an economically disadvantaged student that meets criteria developed by the Burroughs Family and CMU's board of directors. Participants will have the opportunity to assist in advancing the educational pursuits of a deserving student, while concurrently advancing holistic wellness. While there are several ways to improve holistic wellness, the goal of this initiative is to expose people to three styles of wellness maintenance. The wellness bootcamp will be a 'triple threat' style bootcamp. Participants will choose between yoga, boxing or HIIT training. After participants make their selection, they will embark on a 45-minute wellness adventure. If a participant becomes uncomfortable with their choice, they can switch to an alternative wellness experience. However, we strongly encourage people to stick with their first choice for the duration of the bootcamp to maximize the wellness and learning experience. Following the bootcamp, participants will have an opportunity to ask trainers and instructors questions. Participants will also have access to juice from Juice Bar PTC and smoothies, protein bars, and vegan skincare samples from Arbonne. Take charge of your health and wellness while simultaneously supporting academic achievement. Be the best you, you can be!

If you will not be present at the event, but still want to support - you can donate by securing a ticket on Eventbrite or visiting cmuinc.org. Additionally, CMU has adjusted to conventional methods! Our $Cashtag for Cash App is $cmuinc. If you prefer a more traditional method, our Pay Pal handle is paypal.me/cmuinc.

If you donate via Cash App or Pay Pal, please be sure to write your first and last name as it appears on your picture identification card; this assures registration for the wellness bootcamp. If you have an Eventbrite ticket, and your name is not on the registration list, you will not be permitted to participate in the wellness bootcamp.

If you are donating via Eventbrite, please select the ticket marked Change Maker A.  If you are donating via an alterative method, please select the ticket marked Change Maker B.

--Nick B--

Nicholas Burroughs represented many qualities including, but NOT limited to, hard work, discipline, loyalty, integrity, creativity, spirit. Further, Nicholas (Nick B) was the epitome of perseverance and resilience. From the time he was born, Nick B encountered several heart-related issues; these issues required him to be hospitalized many times throughout his life. Despite hospitalizations and life-restrictions, Nick B lived life to the fullest. Moreover, Nick B lived life how he wanted to live. He saw life as a blessing and an opportunity to make each new day better than the previous. Recognizing the beauty in everyone's story, Nick B encouraged and celebrated others whenever possible. Nick B used laughter as a way to spread joy, and the smiles that lingered, to spread hope.

Nick B transitioned to eternal life in 2014. Though Nick B promoted holistic wellness, some aspects of his physical health were beyond his control. Had it not been for Nick B's personal drive and dedication to wellness, he would not have been able to touch the many lives he did before his transition. We honor Nick B's legacy by advocating holistic wellness and commemorating his impact with an academic scholarship. Our efforts do not intend to represent a summation of Nick B's impact, but rather a form of expression of appreciation for Nick B's life.

Before Nick B graduated from Hampton University, he became a member of the Gamma Epsilon Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. Further, Nick B was the apart of the first group of gentleman SD8 had the pleasure of welcoming into the fraternity.