Change Makers United, Inc. is dedicated to developing the minds that guide the actions of tomorrow's leaders.  With the help of the community and other stakeholders, Change Makers United, Inc. will work with families in need to provide the educational and holistic wellness services necessary to invoke positive change in today's youth.


Change Makers United, Inc. will cultivate sustainable change to ensure all children and young adults are empowered to become productive members of society.


As a Hampton Roads educator in Title I schools, Change Makers United, Inc.'s (CMU) founder noticed a disconcerting theme within his student population; students and their families are negatively affected by opportunity gap. Our Vision: Change Makers United, Inc. will cultivate sustainable change to ensure all children and young adults are empowered to become productive members of society.

In 2016, a small cluster of educators, mentors, and community advocates decided to galvanize an action plan to provide services to the students in Hampton Roads. These services would encourage educational advancement overall mental/physical health. Since then, CMU has pooled its' resources (internally) and forged local partners (by way of sweat equity) to develop annual initiatives. CMU's annual initiatives include but are not limited to school supply drives to equip students with the necessary schools to access academic success; Thanksgiving drives to provide food for those in need support during the holiday season; winter clothing collections for those who need appropriate clothing to weather unforgiving temperatures during cold months.

Government institutions have identified diet, fitness, and overall mental health as key contributors to health and wellness disparities in Hampton Roads. Change Makers United, Inc. (CMU) ensure our future leaders' dreams and goals are not trifled, by responding directly to the previously mentioned key contributors.

Appreciation for our families is a dull and underwhelming sentiment to describe how we feel about those who entrust CMU and its services. We believe our families are justly due the resources we provide, and we expect them to feel empowered via our programs. CMU consistently implements research-based practices to invoke positive, sustainable change that promotes systemic change.

Title I schools are public schools with high percentages of children from low-income households. Opportunity gap is defined by an unequal distribution of wealth and resources. Less than 1% percent of the global population holds more than 1/3 of the world's wealth. Poverty plays a role in children's health, social-emotional well-being, their ability to learn, and the opportunity to receive a quality education (Jacobs, 2013).

Brady Payne defines sustainable change as a collective paradigm shift that mandates the constant and consistent process of assessing and addressing community needs.

Jacobs, G. (2013). Bridging the Opportunity Gap. NAEYC News, (November).


Brady Payne

President & CEO

Bryan Payne

Executive Vice-President and Chief Financial Officer

Brendon Payne

Executive Vice-President and Chief Wellness Officer

Phillip Welch

Director of Operations

Tiana Singletary

Director of Community Outreach

Chardinae Wilson

Director of Wellness

Brittany Yhap

Director of Literacy

Tremaine Wills

Director of Financial Literacy

G. “Rex” Flynn, Jr.

Chief Legal Counsel

Amber Heyward

Spiritual Coach

Khalilah Davis

Yoga Instructor

Semone Boone

Fitness Coach

Adyam Mimi Redae

Fitness Coach

Alexandria Merrit

Fitness Coach

Kiara Whack

Nutrition Coach

Theveline J. Felix

Digital Marketing & Advertising Specialist

Claude Junior Simeus

Media Specialist



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