First Trip Recap!

Page Turners: Reading & Adventure Club

This video recaps our first trip!  Huge shoutout and big thank you to Philip Garner for making this video! The kids love you!!

International Spy Museum

Page Turners: Reading & Adventure Club

Page Turners went to the International Spy Museum in Washington, D.C.  At the museum, we went on a wild & dangerous mission!  Page Turners had their first experience with spy equipment; students also learned about the history of spies and their respective cultures.  The experience began with a mission called “Operation spy!”  This activity presented an opportunity for students to take on the persona of a spy.  Then, students went on a journey to discover the realities and myths in the world of secret agents/spies.  The students were thrilled to participate mentally and physically.  With the help of our charismatic tour guide, Page Turners were able to 'travel' to different time periods and countries within the museum.  We crawled through actual air vents and even hung from a skyscraper!  (The skyscraper was a simulation with varying wind speeds and height levels.)  I wish I could share pics/videos of our spy mission - but that kind of goes against the whole 'being a spy' thing LOL.  The Spy Museum was truly unforgettable!

Paint & Chill

Page Turners: Reading & Adventure Club

We attended a 'Paint & Chill' event in Alexandria, VA.  Students were challenged to think deeply about their futures.  Then, they painted their dreams/visions of their futures onto canvases! 

REWIND: Before the 'Paint & Chill' event, students read the novel Miracles Boys, by Jacquelyn Woodson.  After reading the novel, we had a whole-group discussion on the similarities and differences between the three main characters.  The three main characters were brothers, whose life experiences changed/refocused their dreams.  Miracles Boys fit perfectly with the theme of the 'Paint & Chill' event.  Additionally, students learned about goal setting, dreaming big, manifesting dreams to reality, achieving success, and becoming a better version of ourselves with each new day!  After the session, Page Turners ate at a local brick oven pizza restaurant.  As a sweet treat, Page Turners had their first Alexandria Cupcake experience to close the day!

Book Club Meeting

Page Turners: Reading & Adventure Club

During our first official Page Turners Summer Book Club meeting, 20 Page Turners & their parents met us (Ms. Yhap and the club counselors) at the Potomac Branch Library.  I expressed my heart & vision for this camp: Being a safe haven for the disenfranchised youth and offering uncommon experiences to students who come from adverse backgrounds & familial financial burdens.  I will give advanced, emerging, struggling, and reluctant readers a space to read dope books.  When I say dope books, I am referring to rigorous, culturally relevant books of interest.  I will lead Page Turners in strengthening their literacy skills, experiencing new dope things, and interacting with a diverse group of their amazing peers!

Page Turners vs. The Rock Wall

Page Turners: Reading & Adventure Club

Our kids took on an incredible new challenge today!  Page are becoming more resilient with each outing!  We took students to the Capitol Club House Rock Wall Center.  The club counselors led the experience by competing with one another, while also modeling rules and safety mandates for rock climbing.  Mr. Garner beat me (Ms. Yhap) this time around, but next time, it's on!  Anywhos, this demonstration had the kids fired up and ready climb!  We encouraged the hesitant campers to focus on conquering their fears this summer, and embrace peace, love, tranquility... along with a good ol’ challenge!  Page Turners learned perseverance during the rock climbing activity; we taught them not to fear failure, but instead to remember: "nothing beats a failure, but a try."

Smithsonian Art Museum

Page Turners: Reading & Adventure Club

Today, Page Turners went to Washington, DC for their first subway metro trip!  What better way to learn about public transportation than to experience it first hand!?  After the subway, Page Turners spent the rest of the day reading and researching information on various artists at the Smithsonian Art Museum to complete the portrait gallery scavenger hunt.  Ms. Yhaps team won the scavenger hunt!  After the museum trip, Page Turners took their first trip to Shake Shack to eat and celebrate their first Page Turners outing of the summer!